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In an increasingly interdependent world, the ability to communicate, empathize and interact across geographical and cultural boundaries is essential for effective living. The Outsourced Intercultural Studies Curriculum is designed to give students an enhanced perspective of countries and cultures different than their own. Through examination of topics illustrated by the film, students develop a broader awareness of the elements binding them to, and separating them from, other peoples and other places - helping them understand the shifting boundaries of culture, nation, race, ethnicity, and institutional structures that shape contemporary social life.

A 2007 New York Times Critics Pick, Outsourced is a story of discovery. An American businessman, Todd, travels to India and unexpectedly finds himself. He trains his replacement, Puro, who finds his future not in India as he anticipated, but in China. And a young woman, Asha, who works for both of them, finds herself as her future. Each of these people cross cultural barriers, changing their assumptions about others, the world and themselves. Todd learns to let go of his corporate role as a middle manager; Puro learns that Indian women are as capable as men; Asha learns to believe in herself.

The Outsourced Intercultural Studies Curriculum includes lessons and student handouts on:
• Compassion and Empathy
• Everyday Practices
• Public vs. Private Behavior
• Gender Roles
• Marriage

The Outsourced Intercultural Studies Curriculum includes:
Outsourced Educational Edition DVD $85.00
Outsourced Intercultural Studies Curriculum Teacher's Guide $85.00
Outsourced Intercultural Studies Curriculum Student Handouts $35.00

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Outsourced is a "springboard for a smart look at the effect of cultural difference on work, friendship and love, and the global economy’s impact on national and personal identity." -New York Times, 2007 Critics Pick

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