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The Outsourced High School Curriculum is designed for use in Social Studies (Humanities, Economics, Global Studies, Asian Studies, Comparative Religion, Psychology, Sociology) and English (Film Studies, World Literature) courses, and also serves as an excellent springboard for a study of India itself. Each lesson introduces concepts, presents essential questions, outlines a variety of activities to explore these questions, provides resources and extends learning opportunities that invite further thought.

The Outsourced High School curriculum includes lessons and student handouts on:

• Compassion and Empathy
• Everyday Practices
• Public vs. Private Behavior
• Gender Roles
• Marriage
• India and Hinduism
• Basics of Economics
• Globalization
• Outsourcing

The Outsourced High School Curriculum Includes:
Outsourced Educational Edition DVD $85.00
Outsourced High School Curriculum - Teacher's Guide $85.00
Outsourced High School Curriculum - Student Handouts $35.00

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"The Outsourced High School Curriculum Package is terrific. The movie addresses a wide range of relevant topics in an engaging and entertaining way, which the associated curriculum explores in-depth and very effectively. The modular design provides tremendous flexibility."
Lindsay Aegerter
Social Studies Teacher
Lakeside School
Seattle, WA

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