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Outsourced is the perfect teaching tool for international relations, international law, intercultural studies and more -- at high school, college and graduate levels!

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Based on the hit film that inspired the series, the Outsourced Business Studies Curriculum focuses on leadership, change management, cross-cultural communication and sales and marketing. The curriculum covers real-world management challenges: training new employees, developing leadership skills for new managers, motivating staff, learning the customs of a new country and finding ways to bring out the best in the overall organization.

Told through the story of a customer service manager sent to India to train his own replacement in a call center, Outsourced highlights critical issues pertaining to the global economy, and a workplace that functions across both geographical and cultural lines.

The Outsourced Business Studies Curriculum includes:
Outsourced Educational Edition DVD $85.00
Outsourced Business Studies Curriculum Teacher's Guide $85.00
Outsourced Business Studies Curriculum Student Student Case Questions $25.00

Join universities and business schools like Duke, Tulane and Boston College and buy your Outsourced Business Studies Curriculum today!

A 2007 New York Times Critics Pick, Outsourced “may be unique: a charming culture-clash romance that could be taught in business schools.” Join universities and business schools like Duke, Tulane and Boston College and buy your copy today!

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